Shabawasing Shepherds

AKC German Shepherd Companions


Some of the most beautiful pups on the planet!

Shabawasing Shepherds celebrates a twentieth anniversary this year!!
Established in 1997, we began raising German Shepherds for companions after the passing of beloved "Shaba" on May 31st of the previous year.

With worlds to explore, a best friend by your side makes all the difference!

Life can be rough, but with a companion devoted to you, even the rough times will be more navigable. A dog's love endures throughout the worst storms and setbacks, and is a constant guide towards what is most important in life, kindness, attention, ​balance, and being in touch with the natural world. 

A dog will pull you back, again and again, from the artificial constructs of human civilization, and steer you toward the more grounded realities of the natural world.  There is nothing so precious as the devotion and love a dog will offer, whole- heartedly, to the person or people who give their own hearts and time to her or him.
Shabawasing Shepherds began with a dream.  A dream of a child, of a dog who was a best friend and companion, such as those I read about in the many dog stories I read so avidly.  Finally, in my early twenties, this dream came true, in the form of my first "Shaba," a German Shepherd puppy I picked out  at a farm in the early 1980's.
Shaba became my steadfast and loving companion for the next thirteen years.  We did everything together. We hiked, we camped, we walked, we played and we swam.  She slept next to me and woke up to greet each new day with me.  My life would have been tremendously bereft of so much without her constant and most amazing presence.
"Shaba" is a Native American word which means "my companion."  "Shabawasing" is also a Native American (Anishinaabe) word which is a place name in Michigan; it translates as: "place of the people," and since the indigenous people consider all living beings their relatives and thus people, "Shabawasing" means "the place of the people," including the four-leggeds.

I am ever so thankful to be pursuing a lifelong dream, and the greatest joy attached to this is when someone calls or writes to let me know  that their beloved companion means the world to them, just as mine always have and still do to me.
  1. Shabawasing's White Hawk Eleison
    Call Name: "Kadin" Kadin is a large German Shepherd with both American and West German conformation lines. His sire is an American Show Champion. You can view Kadin's Page via button below:
  2. Shabawasing's Nando
    Call Name: "Nando" Nando has very distinguished West German Lines on both his Sire and his Dam's side. He is very good natured fellow of meduim build, medium drive, and very biddable. You can view Nando's Page via Button below:
  3. Shabawasing's Christmas Katie
    Katie is a very sweet and willing to please, she loves people and wants to be close all the time. Katie has primarily West German lines, combined with some American. You can view Katie's Page via the button below:
  4. Shabawasing's Nibiikaa
    Call Name: "Nibi" her name means "water" in Ojibwe/Anishinaabe. She is a beautiful black and tan with a blanket rather than saddle. She has both working and conformation lines and excellent temperament. You can view Nibi's page via button below:
  5. Shabawasing's Selma's Hope
    Selma is an old-style Shepherd, with primarily American/Canadian lines. Her lineage goes back to the movie Rin-Tin-Tin German Shepherds. She is an awesome mom and has sired pups with Joshua, my retired male. You can view Selma's page via the button below:
  6. Shabawasing's Noodin
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